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Our educational goals

The children are divided into groups according to their age and development. This enables us to
offer them activities at their level and thus promote better development. The guiding principles of
the Baby Bird pursue the following goals:

• To offer the children a place of welcome in a safe environment
• To respect the individual rhythm of each child
• To give the child the opportunity to develop and learn in an exciting and entertaining way by  means of adapted material and to respect the language of the respective child.
• To offer the child a warm, welcoming and pleasant place.
• The development of different activities with an entertaining, educational and sportycharacter.
• To be a place of listening.
• To be a daily conversation partner for the children who promotes communication andexchange.
• To support the children and to be a role model for the latter.The Baby Bird educational project is based on five main axes:
• Autonomy
• Self-esteem
• Collaboration
• Respect for the child's individuality and mutual respect
• Discovery of the five senses

On the basis of the axes cited above, the activities and workshops are set up and carried out by the
education team. The children take part every day outside of their play, eating and rest times and
form the basis for active and playful learning.

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